About Us

Mike Byrton-Pye, founder

Mike Burton-Pye is a British photographer with a long experience in advertisement. In 2000, he decided to move to Skopelos island and become a permanent resident. He renovated himself his own house and then a kalivi (a small farmhouse). Soon, he understood the problems and pitfalls that come with bying and renovating a property; especially for people trying to organise so much, from so far away and usually in a foreign language. Mike was one of the few foreigners living on the island all year round at that time. Naturally, his Aegean Images shop became a magnet for people looking for unbiased information about property bying, renovations and technical support. In 2001, he decided to found Skopelos Property, the 1st  real estate site of the island. He has been running it succesfully for over 20 years.  

Safa Abdelhafez, manager

Safa Abdelhafez has studied History and Archeology. She has over 15 years of experience in property management and summer rentals, both in Skopelos island and Chalkidiki.  In 2021 she took over Skopelos Property as its manager, and expanded the real estate business to include also summer rentals and customer service regarding travel information. She speaks Greek, English, French and Arabic. 

We hope that you will fall in love with this hidden paradise, just like Mike did 21 years ago.