New; Beautiful land with kalivi and the best view

Price: € 200.000 · Ref #: 1386
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This fantastic property has it all.  It is situated close to Skopelos town but is far enough to be a country property. It is close to two … View Listing

New; House and kalivi in Ditropon

Price: ask us · Ref #: 1385

This big summer house is ideal to spend long summers. It is build with the best materials. Around the house is a large covered … View Listing

New; Magnificent country villa

Price: € 550.000 · Ref #: 1384
villa loutsa 6_resize_resize

This wonderful villa (over 250 m2) was built around 2005 and stands on 4000 m2  of land. It is in an area of Loutsa and very private. Around the … View Listing

New; Kalivi with land in Pevkias

Price: € 200.000 · Ref #: 1375
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This beautiful kalivi (farmhouse) lies on a quiet road in the Pevkias area. It was build with many natural materials like wood and stone by the … View Listing

New price; House with all the comforts

Price: € 395.000 · Ref #: 1301

This spacious house lies on the road to Stafylos. It has been build to the highest standards. The land is a little over 3000 m2. On the ground … View Listing

New price; Land in Mourtero with a small house

Price: € 125.000 · Ref #: 1317

This property has a wonderful view over the hills towards Panormos and the small island of Dassia and the sea. The land is about 12.000 m2 … View Listing

Small house near the potami valley

Price: ask us · Ref #: 1372

This small house stand on the edge of a piece of land near the potami valley. The house has been renovated but needs to be finished off. It is … View Listing

Unfinished house close to the sea.

Price: € 250.000 · Ref #: 1371

This unfinished house lies directly above the sea. The property is close to the ring road behind Skopelos.     … View Listing

New build in Elios, perfect holiday home

Price: € 225.000 · Ref #: 1374

Newly built (2013) this modern two-story house with a tiled roof in  Elios-Neo Klima is in perfect condition.  The house is within walking  … View Listing

Unfinished house in Agnondas

Price: € 150.000 · Ref #: 1357

The plot on which the house stands is 360 m2. On the plot a house was build but not finished. This house is only a few meters away from the sea in … View Listing

Wonderful property in the countryside

Price: ask us · Ref #: 1252

This property consists of three buildings which recently have been renovated  to a very high standard. The property lies in the area of Mourtero … View Listing

Land with a small building

Price: € 37.000 · Ref #: 1290

This piece of land (about 3000m2) lies in the Kampos area near Skopelos. It has a beautiful view and on the land a small one storey building is … View Listing

Modern villa with all the comforts

Price: € 225.000 · Ref #: 1084

This modern, spacious villa was finished in 2008. The whole villa and its interior were carefully planned and executed. There are only a few … View Listing

Beautiful combination of holiday houses and a private beach.

Price: € 1.225.000 · Ref #: 1288

An unique property  on Skopelos just outside the village of Neo Klima (Elios). The main house with infinity pool has two bedrooms, two bathrooms … View Listing

Beautiful kalivi in Pirgos with a view

Price: 110.000 · Ref #: 1180

Not far from the main road Anania-Pirgos-Karya lies this beautiful kalivi/farmhouse. The land is a little under 500m2. The 60m2 property … View Listing

Four houses in Raches with a view

Price: € 800.000 (for the 4) · Ref #: 1242

These, newly build houses, are for sale. They are located in the Raches area above the village of Skopelos. The land is about 3000 m2 big and on … View Listing

Amazing land with a view and a kalivi/farmhouse

Price: 200.000 · Ref #: 1364

A beautiful piece of land with a seaview towards Panormos is now for sale. The land is almost 10.000 m2 big and there is a kalivi/farmhouse at the … View Listing

Country house close to Skopelos town

Price: € ask us · Ref #: 1345

This house  (84 m2) is within walking distance from the village of Skopelos. The land surrounding the house is 2700 m2 big. There is a driveway … View Listing

Very well maintained kalivi on beautiful land.

Price: € 150.000 · Ref #: 1307

This kalivi was renovated 20 years ago and the owners have not lived in it apart from a couple of holidays. The building has two storeys and is 70 … View Listing

Architect designed, fantastic position

Price: € 350.000 · Ref #: 1053

These are four architect designed villas overlooking Skopelos harbour and town. The bottom villa is sold. Built without regard to cost, these … View Listing

Kalivi in the Potami valley

Price: € 85.000 · Ref #: 1253

This kalivi/farmhouse needs some work to make it a wonderful holiday home. The main building consists of three rooms, one which is the kitchen … View Listing

Oh, what a property

Price: € 1.200.0000 (August 2017) · Ref #: 1268

The land of this property goes down to the beach. This is one of the few remaining properties that has direct access to the beach. On the … View Listing

Hidden farmhouse/kalivi

Price: € 200.000 · Ref #: 1286

This big beautiful two storey farmhouse lies at the bottom of an olive grove. You can reach the house from above on foot but there is a road below … View Listing

Quality houses for sale just outside Skopelos town

Price: € 220.000 and € 240.000 · Ref #: 1208

On a plot of land stand these four wonderful houses. The two houses on the right are for sale. The houses are about 135 m2 big. They all have a … View Listing

Pirgos stone house

Price: € 320.000 · Ref #: 1143

This villa (115m2) and the  outside areas of the house are situated in the beautiful area of Pirgos. The house and the terraces are decorated … View Listing

Land with a small kalivi in the potami valley

Price: € 45.000 · Ref #: 1336

This piece of land is 2900 m2 big. There are two small buildings on the property. The biggest is 28m2 and the smaller one is 25m2. … View Listing

Villa Margarita – great views and income potential

Price: €290.000 · Ref #: 1133

Villa Margarita has one of the best views on the island, overlooking the Skopelos valley, old town, harbour and across the Aegean to Alonissos. This … View Listing

Modern villa’s with an astounding view

Price: € 450.000 · Ref #: 1022
view of skopelos

This small development of just five houses is situated in the most wonderful position overlooking Skopelos Bay, the town and facing the beautiful … View Listing