Wonderful holiday complex near Skopelos town

Price: 315.000 · Ref #: 1330 ·

This wonderful holiday complex consists of several big apartments, two outhouses and a big piece of land.

The total square meters of the land is 2533 (topography of 2015)

This property could be a magical home for a big family or more than one. It is 283 square meters big.

There are three apartments with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a living area with kitchen and outside space.

There is one apartment with one bedroom and one bathroom, living space and kitchen.

There are two studios which have the bedroom area and the kitchen/living area in one space.

One outhouse is a kitchen. If a pool would be installed it could be used as a pool bar.

The other outhouse contains two bedrooms and a bathroom.

In the garden are many trees like olive and fruit trees.

There is a big piece of land at the back which can be used as garden or parking place.

The apartments are in excellent condition but have not been rented out for several years.

The apartments are right across from the sea and the walking distance to the village of Skopelos is five minutes

There are two pages with photographs.


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