Wonderful big townhouse with old features

Price: € 85.000 · Ref #: 1285 ·

This three-story house lies in the heart of Skopelos.

You enter the house (150m2) and to your left you go down some steps and enter a room there. From this room you enter the kitchen and the bathroom with a bath.

Next to the bathroom is a storage place.

A big staircase leads to two rooms on either side of the staircase. Another small room is at the back.

The top floor contains another two rooms with very high ceiling. Both rooms come out onto a big balcony.

At the back of the house on this floor is a door which leads to the street.

The house is about 100 years old but was renovated in the 60’s. About 5 years ago a new roof has been installed. Doors, floors, ceilings etc. are original.

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