New; Land with a view

Price: € 55.000 · Ref #: 1388

This land is just over 4000 m2 big and buildable. The view from the land is over the Kampos valley towards the sea. … View Listing

Building Plot with panoramic views

Price: 94.000 ·

  Building plot in Mourtero with panoramic views    This beautiful piece of land, lies close to the main street in Mourtero area. … View Listing

New; Land close to the beach; opportunity

Price: € 60.000 · Ref #: 1387

This piece of land lies close to the beach of Glyfoneri and has a wonderful sea view. The land is a little over 2000 m2 big and is buildable. A … View Listing

New; land in Raches

Price: € 100.000 · Ref #: 1377

This land lies on an accessible road just of the main road to Raches. It is a little over 4000 m2 big. … View Listing

Accessible land with stunning view

Price: € 250.000 · Ref #: 1370

This land lies close to Skopelos town and is not secluded. Next and below the land are other properties. What makes this property so special is … View Listing

Land in Kampos area

Price: € 57.000 · Ref #: 1382

This land lies in the quiet Kampos area and is flat. It is 4000 m2 big       … View Listing

Opportunity; land in Stafylos

Price: € 20.000 · Ref #: 1363

This land  lies on the old road to Stafylos. It is a little over 4000m2 big. The land is buildable and is about a 20 minutes walk from the beach of … View Listing

Plot of land in Skopelos

Price: € 125.000 · Ref #: 1302

A plot of land (around  550 m2) in the heart of Skopelos. It is situated near the ring road of Skopelos. There is a one story building/ storage … View Listing

Land in Glysteri

Price: € 27.000 · Ref #: 1344

This piece of land  (about 2500 m2) lies on the road to Glisteri on the right hand side. Above it is another 2500 m2 of forest. To get to the land … View Listing

Beautiful piece of land with very easy access in Alikias

Price: € 50.000 · Ref #: 1343

This beautiful piece of land in Alikias is a little over 7000 m2 big. Electricity is close. Mains water is nearby. Most of the land is very … View Listing

Beautiful land close to Skopelos town

Price: € 100.000 · Ref #: 1340

This piece of land is very close to Skopelos town. It lies just of the ring road but you are in the countryside. The land is slightly glowing and … View Listing

Wonderful views, close to town.

Price: € 85.000 · Ref #: 1145

Close to Skopelos with a great view. There is a road on the land that leads to several terraces that can be build on. The land is a little over … View Listing

Land with a stunning view

Price: € 120.000 · Ref #: 1306

This land in Glossa is 7100 m2 with 180 degree , stunning, uninterrupted panoramic views of the Agean Sea and the island of Skiathos and Evia In a … View Listing

Land with a seaview

Price: ask us · Ref #: 1323

This land is situated in the area of the monastery of Kontronaki. It is over 4000m2 big so a house can be build on it. The seaview is wonderful. … View Listing

Beautiful land overlooking Skopelos and Alonissos

Price: € 600.000 · Ref #: 1316

This land  lies in the area of Palouki and overlooks both Skopelos and Alonissos. It is 12.000 m2 big. About 4000 m2  of the land is forest. … View Listing

Land with a small building

Price: € 37.000 · Ref #: 1290

This piece of land (about 3000m2) lies in the Kampos area near Skopelos. It has a beautiful view and on the land a small one storey building is … View Listing

Land in Agnondas

Price: € 200.000 · Ref #: 1313

This piece of land is about 500 m2 big and has an old building on it. It is 200 meters from the beach. The land is build able up to 75%. … View Listing

Big piece of land in Alikias

Price: € 190.000 · Ref #: 1328

This beautiful flat piece of land is 25.884 m2 big. Included with the land  is a small forest of 1.300 m2 big  You can build almost 5000 m2. … View Listing

Overlooking Skopelos village and the sea

Price: € ask us · Ref #: 1341

This piece of land is a little over 6000 m2 big. It lies to the right of a road leading to the spring of Agia Maria. The area is called Kontronaki. … View Listing

Stafylos land

Price: ask us · Ref #: 1320

This land lies in Stafylos on one of the hill. It is a little over 4000 m2 big. There are olive trees on the land. It is slightly sloping. … View Listing

Beautiful, historical land north of Glossa with amazing views

Price: € 160.000 · Ref #: 1324

This piece of land is a little over 7000 m2 big. Apart from the amazing views to both Skiathos and Alonissos the land is of great historical … View Listing

Land near two beaches

Price: € 60.000 · Ref #: 1342

This piece of land is to small to build on but a semi permanent housing solution can be found here. It is situated on the road to Glysteri and the … View Listing

Land to build on the ring road

Price: € 60.000 · Ref #: 1326

This land ( 298 m2) below the ring road is buildable. There are stone steps to enter the land. There are two buildings on the land about 55m2 … View Listing

Land in Raches near Agia Paraskevi

Price: € 85.000 · Ref #: 1289

This is a nice piece of land directly situated near the road leading from Raches to Pevkias. It is a little over 6000m2 big. It has over a 100 … View Listing

A secret garden in Skopelos

Price: € 125.000 · Ref #: 1231

This piece of land lies one street behind the harbor front. It has 2 entrances. It is about 607 m2 big. It is more that 70 meters long and about 10 … View Listing

Beautiful land in Stafylos for a good price

Price: € 50.000 · Ref #: 1194

This land lies under the hills of the church Profitis Ilias in Stafylos. It has views to the sea and the hills of Stafylos. It is slightly … View Listing

Land in Stafylos area

Price: € 140.000 · Ref #: 1209

This, big, build-able piece of land lies along the Stafylos road and is very flat. The entire piece of land is 8972,1 m2 big. 1015,1m2 lies within … View Listing

Plot in town

Ref #: 1238

This plot in town is almost 900m2 big. It is in one of the main streets going through Skopelos town.       … View Listing

Land with a sea view

Price: € 70.000 · Ref #: 1265

The best sea view. Beautiful land within walking distance of  Panormos. Buildable. … View Listing

Flat land, easy access, license to build and a view

Price: € 150.000 · Ref #: 1259

This easy accessible land is flat and about 2000m2 big. There is a road into the land. The view are wonderful. From one side you see the mountains and … View Listing

Land in one of the best parts of Skopelos

Price: € 140.000 · Ref #: 1255

Building a house on this piece of land will be fantastic. The view is stunning and you are close to Skopelos town. There is a building permit to … View Listing

Land in Stafylos with a building permit

Price: € 120.000 · Ref #: 1235

This land is a little over 1000m2 big. It is right on the Stafylos road  and it has a building permit. The house can be 133m2 big. The drawings of the … View Listing

Land in Alonissos with a building license

Price: € 43.000 · Ref #: 1198

This piece of land (a little over 2 stremma) on Alonissos is sold with a building license for a two storey house of 200 sq.m with the  semi … View Listing

Two pieces of land overlooking the bay of Skopelos

Price: € 200.000 and 300.000 · Ref #: 1123

These two pieces of land overlook the bay of Skopelos. They are about 5 and 6000 m2 big. The 6000 m2 piece has a small 2-storey farmhouse on it, … View Listing

Great land in Mourtero

Price: € 65.000 · Ref #: 1234

This land is flat, close to mains water and electricity. It is 4000m2 and very easy to build on. The view from the top is beautiful.   … View Listing

Land in Glossa with magnificent views

Price: € 120.000 · Ref #: 1204

This land lies in Glossa at the beginning of the road to the Perivoliou beach. It has great views to both sides of the island. It is 4000m2 and can be … View Listing

Wonderful views, own spring and mains electricity

Price: €170.000 · Ref #: 1156

This land is about 6400 m2 with easy access top and bottom. There are some wonderful stone walls forming terraces and building would be easy. Although … View Listing

Raches land with a road

Price: € 120.000 · Ref #: 1158

This land lies in the Raches area and is a little bit over 4000 m2 big. There is a road and there are 2 terraces on which you can build. The view is … View Listing

The view says it all, land near a spring

Price: € 150.000 · Ref #: 1121

This land of about 4000m2 has a very nice view over skopelos town and the sea. The land is very easy to build on and electricity is next to the … View Listing

Mourtero land a great opportunity

Price: € 80.000 · Ref #: 1102

This land in Mourtero has great views and is easily accessible because of the new road that was put in. For quiet and peace this is the place for … View Listing

Great investment opportunity

Price: € 300.000 · Ref #: 1039

An incredible opportunity to acquire one of the last pieces of land opposite the town on the favoured Paluki Mountain. This is a great investment … View Listing

Stafilos land

Price: € 70.000 · Ref #: 1035

Just over 5000 m2 of gently sloping land on the edge of the Stafilos valley about 2km from the beach. Mains water, electricity and telephone are … View Listing