Flat land, easy access, license to build and a view


This easy accessible land is flat and about 2000m2 big. There is a road into the land. The view are wonderful. From one side you see the mountains and on the other side the sea. There is a license for a house and a swimming pool to build.   … [Read more...]

Land in one of the best parts of Skopelos


Building a house on this piece of land will be fantastic. The view is stunning and you are close to Skopelos town. There is a building permit to build a house on the land. The land is 2000 m2 big. … [Read more...]

Plot in town


This plot in town is almost 900m2 big. It is in one of the main streets going through Skopelos town.       … [Read more...]

Land in Stafylos with a building permit


This land is a little over 1000m2 big. It is right on the Stafylos road  and it has a building permit. The house can be 133m2 big. The drawings of the house (1 floor) have been made. The land is very flat and very easy to build on. … [Read more...]

Great land in Mourtero


This land is flat, close to mains water and electricity. It is 4000m2 and very easy to build on. The view from the top is beautiful.   … [Read more...]

A secret garden in Skopelos


This piece of land lies one street behind the harbor front. It has 2 entrances. It is about 607 m2 big. It is more that 70 meters long and about 10 meters wide. It can be build on and it would be perfect to build a pension/boutique hotel. … [Read more...]

Beautiful land near the beach of Glyfoneri

2014-02-27 11.15.02

This wonderful romantic piece of land lies right above the beach of Glyfoneri/Agios Konstantinos. A donkey path leads to the beach. The land has several terraces and is a little over 4000m2. It is buildable.  The access to the land is easy. … [Read more...]

Land in Stafylos area


This, big, build-able piece of land lies along the Stafylos road and is very flat. The entire piece of land is 8972,1 m2 big. 1015,1m2 lies within the town boundaries of Stafylos. On this piece you can also build. The other piece is 7957,1 m2.  On the smallest piece there is a garage.         … [Read more...]

Land in Glossa with magnificent views

φωτογραφία 5

This land lies in Glossa at the beginning of the road to the Perivoliou beach. It has great views to both sides of the island. It is 4000m2 and can be build on. The price is negotiable. New pictures coming soon (Aug 2015) … [Read more...]

Land in Alonissos with a building license


This piece of land (a little over 2 stremma) on Alonissos is sold with a building license for a two storey house of 200 sq.m with the  semi basement., The license is valid until 08/09/2018. It is a big opportunity for buyers because this is a smaller piece of land where normally you can't build anymore. The  plot is a 15-minute walk from Patitiri village and a 7-10 minute walk from the Votsi hamlet. It is 2250 sq.m, and  is 400 meters from Milia Bay beach. It is a sloping … [Read more...]