Building Plot with panoramic views

  Building plot in Mourtero with panoramic views    This beautiful piece of land, lies close to the main street in Mourtero area. 2km from Panormos, one of the most popular beaches in Skopelos. Easily accessible, in the heart of Skopelos nature.     Description:  The land is 10.300 M2, which means you can build up to 400 M2.  It is covered with olive trees, in two levels  and it offers panoramic views over panormos bay and the green mountains … [Read more...]

New; Land with a view

This land is just over 4000 m2 big and buildable. The view from the land is over the Kampos valley towards the sea. … [Read more...]

New; Land close to the beach; opportunity

This piece of land lies close to the beach of Glyfoneri and has a wonderful sea view. The land is a little over 2000 m2 big and is buildable. A path leads from the main road up to the land.     … [Read more...]

Land in Kampos area

This land lies in the quiet Kampos area and is flat. It is 4000 m2 big       … [Read more...]

New; land in Raches

This land lies on an accessible road just of the main road to Raches. It is a little over 4000 m2 big. … [Read more...]

Accessible land with stunning view

This land lies close to Skopelos town and is not secluded. Next and below the land are other properties. What makes this property so special is the lay of the land and the stunning view. The view is absolutely amazing. It will be easy to build here because the access is so easy     … [Read more...]

Opportunity; land in Stafylos

This land  lies on the old road to Stafylos. It is a little over 4000m2 big. The land is buildable and is about a 20 minutes walk from the beach of Stafylos. It takes ten minutes by motor bike to get to Skopelos town. The land has some fruit and olives trees. There is good access. The land is divided in three terraces. . … [Read more...]

Land in Glysteri

This piece of land  (about 2500 m2) lies on the road to Glisteri on the right hand side. Above it is another 2500 m2 of forest. To get to the land you have to turn of the main road and go onto a dirt road. The land has a ruin on it. A renovation licence could be applied for. … [Read more...]

Beautiful piece of land with very easy access in Alikias

This beautiful piece of land in Alikias is a little over 7000 m2 big. Electricity is close. Mains water is nearby. Most of the land is very flat.  It is filled with olive trees. Towards the end it is gently sloping. The access is very easy. … [Read more...]

Land near two beaches

This piece of land is to small to build on but a semi permanent housing solution can be found here. It is situated on the road to Glysteri and the beach of Glifoneri is very close if you follow the donkey path down to the beach. The land is 1500 m2 big and the asphalt road is next to it. The light is slightly sloping and the seaview is fantastic. … [Read more...]