About us

Skopelos Property is a fully licensed and registered real estate agency and project management company.

The company was started in 2001 by Michael Burton soon after he arrived on Skopelos to work as a photographer. As one of the few foreigners then living on the island, all year round, his Aegean Images shop became a magnet for people also wanting unbiased information about property, renovations etc.

Having renovated his own house and then a kalivi (a small farmhouse) he understood the problems and pitfalls, particulalry for people trying to organise so much, from so far away and usually in a foreign language.

Communication is vital and when we are managing a project it is not unusual for emails and images to be sent on an almost daily basis so that clients know EXACTLY what is happening and how their money is being spent.

We are on good terms with the professionals on the island – lawyers, engineers, notary etc so can introduce you to them at any time.

We hope to become friends with our clients, and will often go the extra mile to help with extaneous problems, whether it is transport, accommodation or how to contact a dentist at 1am !

Between us we speak, Greek, English, Dutch and German and are working on Italian.

Our offices are right in the middle of the waterfront, close to the cafe Anemos and the wonderful cake shop Ambrosia and opposite the Vakratsa mansion. We are always happy to have a chat and help you in any way.

It is important to realise that nobody is forced to visit Skopelos. They come because they want to. With that in mind it is impossible for us to sell anybody anything. We just try to put people in touch with the kind of property they want.