About Skopelos

Skopelos old town is generally recognised to be the most beautiful harbour town in the whole of Greece, if not the Mediterranean. Here you will find mansion houses, humble houses, houses with magnificent views, houses with hidden gardens, houses ripe for renovation and houses ready to move into – the choice is yours.

Skopelos real estate is truly amazing. You can spend hours exploring the old part of the town – there are more than 120 churches around and more than 350 on the island!

The architecture is unique, houses with Pelion slate roofs and flower-decked, overhanging wooden balconies. More nea classical building build buy Skopelitans coming back from abroad with more money.

The entire town is now under a conservation order designed to preserve these features and new buildings must adhere to the old style. The bustling harbourside is cosmopolitan with cafes, bars and tavernas sheltered by huge plane trees and behind these are some marvellous shops to browse in.

It really would be difficult to find Greek islands property better than this. If you don’t see anything that appeals on these pages, please contact us, as this is just an indication of the property available.