Townhouse with beautiful features

Price: € 80.000 · Ref #: 1237 ·

This townhouse is beautifully preserved. It has wooden floors and ceilings and the top floor has an open wooden ceiling.

There are three floors.  Coming up the staircase after the front door you enter the ground floor which consists of a hallway and two rooms on either side.

There is a small backyard at the end of that hallway and this contains a fireplace and a toilet.

The second floor is one big beautiful open space. There is a wooden floor and an open Skopelitan ceiling.

There are three windows at the front, one at the side and one at the back.

There is a basement with two rooms which is now used as storage

The house is situated just below Milos square, near the car park, the beach of Glyfoneri and the Kastro.

If the house is renovated whilst preserving the features it would be a real Greek gem.

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