Two pool villas near Glossa/Perivoliou

Price: € 290.000 · Ref #: 1205 ·

The villas are  situated on top of a hill, 5 kilometers from Glossa. One is build above the other. You can see both sides from the island towards Alonissos and Skiathos.

The land is a little more than 4000 m2 and each villa is independent and is 150 m2 big.

1. Top level – two bedrooms , one jacuzzi bathroom, veranda (50 m2)
2. Ground level – living room with fire place, kitchen ,bathroom , veranda(50 m2)
3. Under ground level,  a studio play room with a shower bathroom (independent entrance, 50m2)

The two villas are air-conditioned and there is a central-heating installation semi completed (pipes and central heating room ready, only boiler and radiators are missing).

The villas structure is made of reinforced concrete, the foundations are based on rock (radier of 50 cm thickness and the whole construction is fully anti – seismic).

Wooden frames with double glazed windows and protective screens for mosquitoes etc.. Kitchen cabinets and wardrobes imported from Italy.

The decks around the pools are made from buggy rain (African wood).

The villas are only five minutes away from the beach of Perivoliou on the north side of the island and 10 minutes away from Glossa.

The price for both villas is € 550.000





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