Country house close to Skopelos town

Price: € ask us · Ref #: 1345 ·

This house  (84 m2) is within walking distance from the village of Skopelos. The land surrounding the house is 2700 m2 big.

There is a driveway going up to the house so access is easy with a car or motor bike.

You enter the house at the back and you enter a small hallway with a bathroom with a small bathtub. There are two bedrooms with a view towards the town.

One bedroom is a double bedroom and one is a single bedroom. A bunk bed could be put in there. In front of the bedrooms is a terras.

Upstairs is the large living room and the open kitchen. There is also a toilet. There is a big balcony in front with a sea view

Behind the living room is a small open space used for storage.

There are two pages with photographs.






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