Skopelos – unchanged and still very beautiful

Skopelos,  Januari 2018     

Welcome to our website.

Living on a Greek island, particularly Skopelos, is a dream for many people and we are all here to help you make that dream come true. We live and work here all year and can meet you at any time. When you first contact us we will try to answer your questions as soon as possible and remain in contact. We will escort you during your visits to the various properties and try to answer all your questions. 

With our expert local knowledge, up-to-date website (what is available goes on the website)  with up-to-date- prices (we talk regularly with owners) , advice and contacts (we have live on the island for over 15 years and one team member was born here) We can help you buy the right piece of real estate – whether it be a traditional townhouse, land, a villa with pool or a ruin for renovation – that is suitable for you. 

The properties you see on the website are owned by Greeks and foreigners. 

We do not place every property that is for sale on the website but we try to. Because of other obligations some properties go later on the website than we want to.  If you do not see anything that suits you please contact us. For all of this please write to: 

Contact us at 

We have moved to a new office in Skopelos. It is not far from the old office but in another small street.Walk up from Ambrosia sweet shop towards the end of the street to Mitsos his bakery. Turn right into the small street. We are halfway up on the left side.  We are close to the Saint Michael church and the Vakratsa mansion. 

The Glossa office is still in the main street of Glossa about a 100m or so beyond the Agnanti restaurant on the left. We are available to meet you throughout the year, every day. Between us we speak English, Greek, Dutch, German, French and are working on Italian!

Mobile telephone: Daphne (0030) 6947568210, Mike (0030) 6947718708 and Rania in the Glossa office (0030) 6979777830.

Skopelosnews – in English,  carries very up-to-date and accurate news and information about Skopelos. It is the brainchild of Daphne, a member of the Skopelos Property team. Visit it here if you really want to find out what is going on.

We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully, meeting you.